We are a Global Managed Services & Support Partner providing Six Star levels of service to the Hospitality Industry

  • Hospitality Operations and Business Focus

  • Operations in 46 Countries

  • Young and dynamic company

  • Diverse Client Base

  • Global Network Operations Centre

  • Unmatched Business Critical Support




Six Star commit to providing the following:

  • To provide a single point of contact to advise, coach, resolve or facilitate the resolution to any IT related challenges being faced by the business.

  • To monitor IT Services within the business, and make zero-cost improvements  in order to provide a proactive rather than reactive IT Support Service in order to prevent support requests rather than react to them.

  • To fully maintain the services, systems and processes that allow the business to operate at full efficiency.

  • To be open, honest and communicate freely with the business and its agents to enable seamless and painless service.

  • To respond quickly to Business Critical incidents, to put one or more Six Star personnel on the customer site in order to resolve an issue, or improve the service provided at no extra labour cost.

  • To make housekeeping visits more than just a marketing gimmick - when we send someone to site, we want them to leave having achieved something that will have improved the service, or cause a reduction of future support calls.

IT logistics, Project Engineering, Consultancy, and Managed Services in over 40 countries worldwide.

  • Clients in new locations scheduled every month;
  • Consistently Engaging with new customers, partners, and vendors;
  • maintaining exceptional levels of service;
  • living up to our founding principles.



With corporate divisions in London, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Hong Kong, Six Star operate across Europe, Asia, and North America, providing IT logistics, Project Engineering, Consultancy, and Managed Services in over 40 countries worldwide and we are growing monthly.

Below are a selection of the countries in which we have a presence:



SSA’s Support Framework is unlike anything you would have encountered before.




The unique Six Star experience starts from the moment you sign a contract with us.  Your usual experience of an IT transition will no-doubt include an engineer or two arriving at your property to document your systems and services and install remote monitoring on your servers and workstations.

At Six Star we don't feel this is enough.  We want to make sure we fully understand your systems, your business, and you.  We want to make sure that all of your existing issues, no matter how large or small are tackled before we resume "Business As Usual" support operations.

To do this, we'll start by sending a team of at least two people to your property and start the on-boarding process.  During the early stages of the on-boarding, we will assess the volume of issues being faced by your property, and schedule extra time, and/or extra resources as appropriate at no extra cost.


… it was a pleasure to work with such a professional and friendly team. I wish our other vendors would learn from SixStar.
— Piotr Bubnowski — Front Office Manager, Hilton



Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of support calls you have to make, to as close to zero as possible.  We have no interest in fixing the same issue repeatedly, so if something breaks more than once, we will make best efforts to find the root cause, and get it resolved.  If a process is causing either you, or Six Star administrative pain, then we would look to automate, or otherwise improve that process.

These goals won't be met in the short term, but over a little time, we would hope to achieve them at minimal or zero cost.



Six Star's Support Team is unlike anything you would have encountered before.

When founding Six Star to serve the Hospitality Industry, we asked ourselves: why does a quick response for an IT Partner's clients seems so hard to achieve in this industry? We quickly realized that tying engineers down to a desk, in one location, to support an industry that has no boundaries (and no fixed region) would be a waste of time and resources.



We have built the foundation to operate an entire mobile, and flexible workforce.  We have deployed, and developed the tools so that whilst mobile, all of our engineers have their fingers on the pulse of the business.  We are in constant communication, across cities, counties, countries and continents. Key personnel use powerful 21st century tools to coordinate the logistics of an operation, that at its core, is designed purely to serve an industry we love so much.


Whilst building this support model, we stumbled across an amazing advantage we could provide to our customers.  Because even our people answering your calls and emails are ultimately mobile (clever scheduling tools and management mean that there are always people readily available), it means that rather than having those people behind desks, they can rotate around hotels, and because we have built this into our business model, those scheduled engineer visits will be free of charge to the customer!


It’s true.  Our goal is the following:

Within 8 weeks of a hotel being welcomed into our support network by our project team, one of our friendly support engineers will spend a further week at the hotel.  Whilst they are there they will set to work to get to know your teams, experience your technology first hand, mop up any niggly issues that may have settled in after we left, and of course, they will continue to prioritise their work according to severity. Each hotel will be supported in this manner at least once per year.  Always arranged in advance, and always with the hotel’s cooperation and support.

Our senior IT teams (server/network architects, and project managers etc.) are conveniently located around the UK and Europe, doing all the clever things that go on behind the scenes of a successful IT support company.

As most of their work is carried out in comfy slippers in their home offices, it means that they are able to respond quickly to customer incidents, and all have an engineer’s ‘Go bag’ in case a site visit is required.  In most cases, they will remember to change into shoes before leaving the house.


Rich Stakounis

CEO, Six Star Global

In the summer of '16 Rich co-founded Six Star with two exceptional partners and a small team of brilliant people with great minds.

Rich has a history of being involved with companies that take a new approach to IT Services and this is no different, offering great potential for an exciting future for all our clients, partners and our team. 

Rich's IT background is rooted in the Financial Sector, perhaps more akin to hotel owners than hotel's themselves.  After unexpectedly entering the industry in 2015, he quickly realised that this was a sector in need of reform.



Michael Stakounis
Chief Operating Officer

Six Star Global


Neil Sawers
North American Operations

Six Star Global


Chris Pearson
Asian Operations

Six Star Global


Steve Cannings
Global Professional Services

Six Star Global


Richard Pemberton
Global Strategic Development

Six Star Global


David Manning
Global Program Management

Six Star Global


David Duffy
Global Engineering

Six Star Global


Dave Amison
Global Development Operations

Six Star Global


Paul Connolly
Global Technology

Six Star Global


Danny Williams
Global Marketing, Design & Brand

Six Star Global


Lynne Wallace
Finance Controller

Six Star Global


Ashley Tillotson
Global Operations

Six Star Global

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Project Managers


With a couple of exceptions that we'll outline in a moment, Six Star's entire workforce are permanent employees and distributed throughout the globe.

Our Engineers are pulled from all corners of the globe, and all of them have the attitude it takes to be a part of the Six Star family.  We're a firm believer that Technical Skills can be taught to anyone with the right attitude, but the right attitude can't be taught at all.


Six Star don't hire through agencies.  We exclusively hire through existing relationships and recommendations.  Anyone who wishes to join Six Star has to come recommended by an existing employee, partner or brand.

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Account Managers





The exceptions?  We have some high-level consultants, account managers and engineers that have other commitments in the industry and work with our partners and brands on separate projects.  We therefore contract these people on a job-by-job basis.  These contractors have access to Six Star's full set of tools and resources 365 days per year.


As a service company we know it's important to realise that our people are by far our greatest asset.  Without our team we wouldn't be able to provide any services to our clients. With that in mind we have applied and will continue to apply some great benefits to our workforce:

  • Unlimited Holiday
  • Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited home-working
  • A strong pension
  • Family Healthcare
  • Relaxed expenses policy
  • Unlimited Training budget






Strong Backend Support

Engineers are better when left to the things they do well, then things they love....engineering! 

With that in mind we build processes and teams behind the engineers as a support network of their own.  Technical people to call on for help, Administrative people to help with the process side of the job, and a supportive Management Team who have all come from a Support background and know the pressures of Support and Projects.

We also have developed and are developing the tools needed to automate as much of the job as possible. This frees up the engineers to work on the unusual, the challenging, the exciting things that brought them into this industry in the first place.



When the company was founded, the first thing we set to work was to build a solid, scalable foundation. Using the latest tools, technologies, and systems, we are proud to be in a position to provide exceptional levels support to our clients.



We obviously don't want to give away all of our secrets, but some of the systems and processes we have deployed are as follows:

  • Fully mobile communications suite, using data or voice networks, accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Integration of communication into Microsoft’s 365 platform.  Our entire team share, collaborate, and work together, from different corners of the continent, and in real-time.

  • An elaborate CRM system, which is being designed and expanded over time and according to business requirements provides up to the minute information to any engineer in the field.

  • We have partnerships with repair teams across Europe, meaning no matter where your site is within mainland Europe, someone will be able to get to you quickly, and our mobile resources mean that we can work with and share information with the engineer on-site with ease.

  • Same-day, automated, reimbursement of expenses to our team, means our engineers can source equipment in emergency situations in order to keep your business running.

  • All of our engineers have a ‘Go’ bag with most of the tools they might need for an emergency call out.
  • We purchase manufacturer care packs with all hardware we supply.  This provides a 4-12hour repair/replacement service (length of time depends upon specific hardware), at the cost of the manufacturer.

  • Our out of hours service is manned by real engineers rather than an answering service, meaning you will always get the best technical assistance, no matter what time you need it.

  • Relationships with most hospitality service providers mean that when the issue isn’t related to SSA managed systems, we can still advise, co-ordinate and collaborate in order to get your issue resolved.