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Why Six Star?

Six Star Global isn't a company.  Six Star is a collaboration between many smart, decent, honest and brilliant people, working together to achieve a better life for themselves, their families, and their colleagues. If we achieve world domination of the Hospitality industry, then so much the better!


Building the puzzle (our team!)

We would love for our team to be with Six Star for their entire career!  All notice periods are therefore set to 40 years! (We wish that was true!).

We are a service company, and as such our most important resource is us! Therefore, we look at a number of ways to make sure our team never want to leave.

Work/Life Balance

We don't like to think of each other purely as colleagues, we like to consider each other friends, in fact it's almost a necessity! 

We are spending at least 1/3rd of our lives working closely with  each other and building this company together. When on a week-long project you may be meeting your colleagues for breakfast, working with them all day, sharing lunch, sharing dinner, working or drinking in the evening, then saying goodnight on the same floor of the same hotel before sleeping apart only to reunite in the morning at breakfast once more.

The hospitality industry can attempt to wrestle a lot of your attention away from all aspects of your life.  You all have email on your phones, and often your colleagues will need you after hours.  The 21st century working world puts 24 hour demands on employees without compensating for the expectation that they are always online.  We are different.

We've found the best way to counter those demands of the 24/7 business is to put some control into the hands of Six Star personnel.

We do this by offering:


Flexible Hours

You know (or will come to know) exactly what your responsibilities are. You'll understand what has to be done and when.  

Therefore, you will be permitted to work your own hours under the following conditions:

  • All meetings are attended.

  • All deadlines are met.

  • You are largely available during 'business hours'

  • You are completing your expected/contracted hours over the course of a month.

This allows you book your appointments, meet old friends for a long lunch, or take an hour.  It allows you to live life at a steadier pace.

If you are not good at self-starting yet, then we'd advise talking to our In-House Performance Coach and Management Consultant and sticking to routine hours before attempting this, as your colleagues will be the first to know if you start to coast, and we don't want a benefit to turn into a negative for anyone.


Unlimited Holiday

Six Star offer unlimited holiday to all qualifying employees.  The Hospitality Industry moves in ebbs and flows.  There will be weeks or months of frantic activity and overtime, then there will be periods where it is a little quiet. During the busy periods you may start to get tired, or even exhausted. Rather than worry about having a stressful job, Six Star offer you the opportunity to book some rest days, a holiday, or time to plan some travel of your own!

Terms of Unlimited Holiday:

  • Subject to Business/Project requirements

  • Subject to availability (first come, first served!)

  • Subject to Management Approval

Financial and Physical Stability


Pre-pay Expenses

Expenses are a major pain point for travelling employees.  Expenses of £600-£1200 on a monthly basis mean a lot of disposable (and non-disposable) income can get tied up.  This is unfair and we knew we couldn't allow it. All Six Star employees are issued with a pre-pay Credit Card.  Six Star preload the cards before every project, or at the beginning of the month.  Simply use the card and attach a photo of the receipt and you are done!



We want to look after the health and well-being of the whole team. As such we are looking to introduce a full healthcare and dental package for employees and immediate families in Q4 2019. Watch this space!

Building the Future


Personal Development

No one stays the same throughout their life. We are all learning and developing personal skills alongside the professional ones. We at Six Star believe that personal development is key to a happy and productive working life. The more patience, organisational ability, structured thought, and interpersonal skills that you can bring to bear on your life, the easier your life will be both at work and at home.

The first step has been for Six Star to take advice from an in-house Performance Coach and Management Consultant. Our coach helps the team better use the tools at their disposal to get more from themselves & better understand their colleagues. She helps the team to grow their inter-personal skills, relationships, time-management & organisational skills.


Professional Development


Any engineer will tell you that the first 5 or more years of a career in IT Support benefits far more from experience than it does training.  Why?  Because a good engineer draws upon experience with thousands upon thousands of issues that in total will span the entire range of IT.  Think of it like an ‘IT System’ jigsaw puzzle where the pieces of a 10000-piece Jigsaw are individual user issues.  As each customer logs a ticket, you get a piece of the puzzle to add to the Jigsaw.  Training would be the equivalent to seeing a picture of a part of the Jigsaw.  Having the picture is helpful, but without the individual pieces, and working out were they fit, one at a time, you would never be able to complete the puzzle or even understand it.

If you had the puzzle pieces handed to you one at a time without ever seeing the picture, it would take you much longer to complete the puzzle, but it wouldn’t be impossible. 

At Six Star we understand that experience is far more valuable than training during the formative years of your career, so we emphasise this above all, however, we understand that training is an important tool in advancing you faster.  Therefore, we try to strike a balance in letting you experience multiple facets of the business, from support, to going on projects and travel, all from a very early date.



Training is a part of our Core Values

Six Star is being built for its personnel. Something we can all share and enjoy.  As such, training and personal development is at the top of our priority list.


Through your day to day work, conversations with colleagues, and your career ambitions, you will most likely know, or learn to discover the areas you would like to be trained in.  Whether to fill short term requirements or desires, or whether as part of a long-term vision, you will know what you would like to learn.

As soon as you have identified something you wish to be trained in, talk directly with Six Star’s Training Coordinator.  

Once you have identified a course that suits, Six Star will purchase it at the earliest opportunity and provide you with all the support you need.


Game Style Skill Trees

In the future, we will be organising a more formal training regime…

Everyone at Six Star will be allocated time, money, and resources to train and develop themselves.

There will be some mandatory training, but it is important to Six Star that our people are able to try new things and choose the training paths they want to take.

The one pit-fall with everyone choosing their own training is that 'we don't know what we don't know'.  Presenting people with a catalogue of training opportunities without guidance or context may not be particularly helpful.


To resolve this issue, we will be implementing a Six Star Skill Tree


If you have played any computer games where your character gains points or items that can be used to increase the character's abilities and in-game level, it is likely that you have seen or used a Skill Tree of one type or another.  They come in different forms with different ways to progress, but the basic concept is the same:  A clear and structured representation of available training opportunities allowing a variety of progression options.

Each Skill in the Tree will have a direct predecessor and successor so that there are clear progressions to make navigating the tree simple and avoid a team member jumping in at a higher level than they are ready for.

There are many ways to learn and develop skills, such as:

  • Service Delivery Experience

  • Training courses

  • Working with others on projects.

  • Completing tasks with the help of colleagues, third parties, or Google.

  • Learning a system by using it.

By listing skills, as opposed to specific training courses, it will allow us to provide a varied list of ways to learn each Skill as well as include time-limited courses, upcoming projects to gain experience, and which team members can provide help and advice on each topic etc.


To allow Six Star people to choose the way of learning that best suits them, we will be using an XP (Experience Points) system.



In many games, a character builds XP (Experience Points) that are used to level up the character or their abilities.

Skills in the Tree are achieved is by reaching a required number of points (XP) per Skill.  Once the XP requirement for each Skill has been reached, that Skill in the Tree will be marked as completed.

To gain the XP required for each Skill in the Tree:

  • XP will be awarded on one or more Skills in the Tree for training and experience prior to joining Six Star.

  • XP will be awarded on one or more Skills in the Tree for each third-party training course and material.

  • Senior team members will be able to award experience points to skills on their colleague's trees, based on experience witnessed and tasks completed.



We recognize that there are transferable skills and that it is not appropriate for everyone to follow a set path.  To allow a certain flexibility of lateral movement between branches on the Skill Tree, we will use the XP system for certain higher-level Skills to become available if enough Skills or XP have been gained in related areas.  This will operate as transferable credit between related Skills such as a senior technician moving into project management, or a senior administrator moving into service delivery management.

Although the Six Star Skill Tree will be predominantly designed around Six Star requirements such as job roles and skill levels (1st line/2nd line/3rd line/management etc.), but will also include skills for areas of interest and personal development such as 'App Development', 'Coding for Raspberry-Pi' or 'Time Management' etc.  If there are any areas of interest, skills, or training courses that are not included in the Skills Tree, anyone can make suggestions or requests for special consideration or for something new to be added to the Skills Tree.

Securing the Future

As all of us will be spending a large part of our lives building this company, it is really important that everyone benefits from the seeds that they sow. We want Six Star to generate vast sums of money, and we want that money to be put to work to benefit the lives, futures, and legacies of all Six Star employees and their families.


Company Pension

We want to get really aggressively good with our company pension. In Q4 2018 we have started with an employer’s contribution of 5%.  

Employer Contributions Schedule:

  • Q4 2018: 5%

  • Q2 2019: 10%


Employee Ownership Program

This company was built with the intent to provide a future for all of its employees.

Whilst the company was founded and is currently primarily owned by Rich Stakounis, Neil Sawers and Chris Pearson the intention is not to leave it that way.

Once the business has settled, and the larger risks been overcome or mitigated, then we intend to redistribute shares with an employee ownership program. We intended to complete this process by Q3/4 2019.


If you are interested in becoming apart of our team, please click the button below to register your interest….