Today the UK starts its journey towards a new future.

Six Star EU was a company founded in Europe. We find ourselves entering an uncertain time, where laws, logistics and relationships are about to change forever.

Today the UK starts its journey towards a new future. 

Whatever the future holds, Six Star EU is committed to upholding the same core values, and the same levels of service to all of our customers, in every corner of the European Continent, whether part of the European Union or not. 

Since the morning Brexit became a reality, Six Star have been planning our continued operations in Europe, the U.K., and aggressively pursuing projects in all corners of the Globe.

As of March 2017 Six Star Netherlands BV became the European entity for Six Star, and all new European contracts that are signed will operate from that organisation under the same terms that make us appealing to European partners currently. Our existing customers in the 10 European countries we currently serve will have their contracts transferred upon renewal, with no penalties, or changes in service. 

All EU nationals that make up the Six Star Team will have their contracts transferred to the Six Star Netherlands BV, under the same terms that currently exist, and pensions and other benefits transferred accordingly.

We have built a foundation that will ensure the turbulent times that we and our customers are about to experience will be as smooth and rewarding as they have been in the past. We've done the work so that our customers won't have to add extra layers of administration or risk to their IT services as the UK leaves the E.U. 

Six Star EU is a company born in a country welcoming of our European and Global family. A company born to serve an industry dedicated to providing experiences and a home away from home for guests all nations, races and faiths.  As hospitality knows no borders, we too will learn what it is to operate in both a U.K. out of the E.U. and in an E.U. without a U.K.  Please know that whichever side of the ocean or channel you are on; Six Star will be here to serve.