Your 24 Hour IT Support, just got even better.

Six Star was founded almost 3 years ago in the belief the we could do IT better. We had an ambitious roadmap that involved building a comprehensive Business Management System and CRM that would for the basis of something really exciting for us. After 18 months of development we are finally ready to launch the first client-facing module of the project. SIX STAR MANAGE.

Six Star Manage is the first step in what will become an intelligent, intuitive one-stop shop for all of your IT Support needs. You will be able to create and manage your IT requests and requirements, build your IT budgets, engage with your IT projects, review the reporting for you property from Six Star and other third party systems, and get simple tasks completed using state-of-the-art AI technology.

Over the next 18 months you will be talking to bots who can reset passwords faster than any human can, there’ll be a desktop app (coming really soon) that can assist in diagnosis of your issues automatically, a mobile App to help you stay better informed about your IT and your property, and we are training up a brand new Six Star employee to help us out . So please join us for Phase 1 of our journey to reinvent IT Managed Services, we hope you enjoy the benefits of Six Star Manage, and we look forward to delighting you each month as we add new and exciting features.