Robert Crosby

Operations Director - The Vincent Hotel Group

13th October 2017

Six Star have supported TVHG for over a year now and GMs that have moved on to other businesses have made the choice to useSix Star's services which is probably the highest commendation they can have.

I was shocked how we were left exposed by the previous support company in numerous ways, and in today’s era of having to focus on PCI and GDPR Six Star have quickly assessed our weak points and resolved this. It has cost me money to fix the issues but this is immaterial in comparison to what goes wrong if servers are full, networks are open or guest information isn’t wiped when required.

Of course a concern in the early days was could an English based company support the Netherlands but again looking at the issues we had when they took over, today there are minimal.


In summary, they provide 3 levels of support for me:


  1. Critical - in the early days a reception key encoder broke down at one hotel, no back-up solution in place. Within 2 hours six star had the hotel up and running using their network of resources compared to the nightmare we were originally faced with by the supplier of delivery next working day of a new encoder which would then need to be configured.
  2. Tactical - support and resolve issues where required to agreed SLA timeframes. With the exception of one issue around batteries which in the end, our Account Manager personally got involved and focused his team to resolve, there have been no issues needing senior management resolution which is a good sign. They are focused on the customer and service which is different to many IT companies out in the market place.
  3. Strategic - provide insight into what’s happening in the world of IT for the business and provide recommendations on solutions – planning not just for the short term but medium and long term too.


I can confirm that I have no personal involvement or interest in the company other than a vision that the more hospitality companies that use them the more their buying power the better deals we all can get and greater efficiencies that can be offered.




Robert Crosby


Kailash Patole

Engineering Director - trafalgar st james (London & regional Properties)

14th November 2016

Hi Kailash,
As per our call a moment ago, would you mind quickly answering a couple of questions on behalf of another client who are looking to expand their business with Six Star?
  • Overall, how would you rate the day to day support from Six Star when resolving user issues?  1 = Not Very Good 10 = Excellent

    10 Excellent

  • Do you find that Six Star respond in a timely manner?

    Excellent, all tickets have been responded within reasonable time (couple of hours)

  • During business critical incidents, how fast have Six Star responded, both in the middle of the night, and during working hours?

    Excellent, There were some incidents where Sixstar have built server overnight

  • Do you have any comments that you would feel comfortable sharing with a third party about Six Star’s overall Support quality?

    Overall I found sixstar very professional and reliable IT support, I found them knowledgeable and follow-up on the tickets were excellent. The procedures and online tool is fantastic and is a one stop shop. I would recommend Sixstar for future sites.
Thanks for your time Kailash,
Kindest regards